She ain’t no sister

Tony Blair became the true inheritor of Thatcherite policies

Gosh, I had planned to launch my blog in a few weeks but since Thatcher died today I think it would be almost rude not to take the opportunity to write a blog on Mrs Thatcher- the life and times of a Tory scumbag.

I actually don’t care if she is alive or dead to tell the truth but I understand the passion felt by others and the sanctimonious “oh don’t speak ill of the dead” stuff is a bit boring.  When I heard I was instantly excited until we put BBC 24 news on then it was Douglas Hurd driveling on about how great she was, hypocrite he hated her, she called him a “wet” and then from then on it was one Tory after another eulogising about how brilliant a woman and politician she was.  Everyone was texting, facebooking, tweeting away and amongst the jubilation was the “don’t speak ill of the dead” and “what about her family?” and my favourite “she was a strong woman”!!!

Firstly Thatcher’s dementia, health issues and death are personal matters to her family, they will mourn and miss her, but really that is their private business.  We are not passively aggressively talking about the woman behind her back, the things being said many of us given half a chance would have said to her face, she isn’t family, a neighbour,  a colleague or a comrade, most of us hated her and her Thatcherite ideology – the high priestess of individualism, monetarism, militarism and privitasation, we spoke ill of her alive!

Sanctimously Labour MP Tom Watson decreed “I hope that people on the left of politics respect a family in grief today.”   Really?  Why?  I don’t know her family, I don’t think any off them are my facebook friends, follow me on twitter or will read the blog. I hope no one steps into a grieving family to be rude or cruel but really Mark and Carol Thatcher know how everyone feels about their mum.  Even snivelling Louise Mensch, MP got in on the act to tell us that   “Pygmies of the left so predictably embarrassing yourselves, know this: not a one of your leaders will ever be globally mourned like her.”  Oh well then, Louise and who is globally mourning Thatcher, then?  Even the Tories didn’t like her and sent her packing, they couldn’t stand her enough to elect John Major to be the leader and the Prime Minister.  John Major, remember him?

Mrs Thatcher crying as she leaves Downing St

Thatcher went when the Tories booted her out and elected John Major instead

I normally don’t like to say bad things about dead people before they are buried, I hate spiteful obituaries on the left, denouncing people’s politics when they aren’t cold yet and their families are grieving.  However, speaking ill of Thatcher should be encouraged – a collective (she hated collective anything so its an act of rebellion) moan, cuddle, outpouring of emotion for a society we grieve for, it’s a good way to behave, it should be encouraged all this emotion.  It’s good to show how we feel about someone who was hateful to the majority of us rather than be passive about it, of course Thatcher dying means something, doesn’t mean the end of the Tories or even her hateful Thatcherite polices it just means  the end of her.  

We have to outpour our emotions because if we don’t then the right wing will just keep telling us how fabulous she was, romantised as a wonderful housewife who tried to balance the books of a tired and wrecked economy but this is propaganda this was not the case.  She attacked the working class, she attacked women’s rights and the trade union movement.  She called Nelson Mandela a terrorist, she supported Pinochet, she dined with Jimmy Saville, she introduced S28, she sold off all our assets, she tried to crush councils who tried to resist, she even supported the Khymer Rouge in Cambodia!  We are allowed to have an emotional response to her dying, it is emotionally intelligent to have an emotion about it all, because it’s not really about her the individual it’s our stunned grief at what she and the Tories did to our communities.

She was a war mongerer – funding and supporting dictators around the world, waging war in the Malvinas, where nearly 1000 lives were lost, (mostly Argentinians), she launched war in the first Gulf War in 1990 and supported the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq in 2003, despite supporting Saddam Hussein and the Ba’athists during the Iraq and Iran war!  Britain was the biggest suppliers of arms to Iraq which Hussein used to attack his own people, the Kurds and the Marsh Arabs and to fight the Iranians with.

Some people are upset that she is being called a witch – I agree with that witches were not evil and bad I will post more about witches on later blogs).  A friend of mine posted this on facebook “Please, everyone, stop calling that auld scumbag Maggie Thatcher a witch. She was an evil, cunning tory bastard. Remember all those thousands of women & a few men too who were burned at the stake in the middle ages for supposedly being witches. Women were burned alive on countless pretexts: for threatening their husbands, for talkinhg back or refusing’ a priest, for stealing, for prostitution, for adultery, for being a child out of wedlock, for permitting sodomy (even though the priest or husband who committed sodomy was forgiven) for masturbating, for lesbianism, for child neglect, for scolding or nagging, and even for miscarrying, even though the miscarriage was caused by a kick or blow from the husband. The landed classes & the wealthiest were seldom accused. No doubt Thather would love to have burned some of us. Witches were healers who tried to help others unlike the old bag who has just died. Good riddance to her.” 

But it’s hard when the classic song from the Wizard of Oz seems so fitting “Ding Dong, the Wicked Witch is dead!”, it’s like it has been written for the occasion.  So what do we do?  I myself wouldn’t call her a witch but I understand why people are.

There is also some very misogynistic comments calling her a bitch, old cow, whore etc.  I don’t like that, why be misogynistic to her, because do we hate her because she is a woman?  No we hate her because she is a Tory, a master of Toryness.  I think Anuerin Bevan sums it up well “No amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin”.  Thatcher is part of that legacy, she is not a loved woman, she was divisive leader of the UK – she caused pain, hurt and devastation which we live with today.  Some are even trying to suggest that she is a feminist icon but hell no she isn’t, she ain’t no sister!  She attacked women left, right and centre, she was not a feminist!!   She was savage in her cuts to councils particularly the so-called “loony leftie” ones that were providing direct services to women, creches, child care, homes to women fleeing domestic abuse.  Liverpool council dared to build more council houses, she cut money to the local authorities, councils had to resist – Liverpool, Sheffield, Edinburgh however in the end only Liverpool held out and by setting a deficit budget.

Embrace the Base, Geenham Common 1982, 20,000 women protested

In 1980 Thatcher’s government agreed to have American Cruise missiles at Molesworth and Greenham Common, women organised against this and took up camp called the Greenham Women’s Peace Camp – they were iconic as women, activists and feminists, Thatcher was diametrically opposed to these women as they were to her. At it’s height in 1982 20,000 women “embraced” Greenham Common.  Under Thatcher many women were quite literally revolting.

Her most vicious attack was on the miners, we are battle scared from that dispute but none like the miners and their families as one of my other friends wrote on facebook – ” I wish there was a hell so she could rot in it. I look forward to pissing on her grave if I can get past the guards. Generally though my thoughts are not about her but relate to the miners and miner’s wifes and families who suffered so much. 20000 were injured nearly 1000 were sacked, several died (on the picket line or digging coal during the winter)
We will never forget.”  What can be said to that?  Whilst the male miners fought tooth and nail for their livelihoods and the livelihoods of future generations their mothers, wives and daughters had to support their families emotionally, financially and politically.  Their action’s alongside their husbands, partners, fathers and sons allowed the strike to endure as long as it did, Thatcher hated these women as much as she hated the miners and I am sure that many of those women today, will be tipping a glass that finally Thatcher has died.

Miners were illegally beaten and arrested at Orgrieve, 1985

My mum was a single parent during Thatcher’s reign, and it wasn’t much fun, in 1980 single parents had  40% disposable income of a two parent family, being a single parent meant real poverty.  Municipal full time child care, free to single parents started to disappear due to cuts in services, so women who may have worked in the 70s with support found it difficult to get work due to lack of child care and were forced to live on benefits. The introduction of the right to buy your council home also meant all the best council houses were bought up, Thatcher’s government wouldn’t let councils use the incomes to build more homes, so women finding themselves leaving their partner due to domestic abuse or for other reasons found that there were less homes to go to or were being forced to live away from supports and no choice where to live.  The right to buy wasn’t about owning a little bit of paradise, it was undermining social housing and a collective responsibility to housing.

Poll Tax protesters

I haven’t mentioned the Poll Tax, Ireland, the Hunger Strikes and so much more, Thatcher is dead, the only shame is her deeds are not, Cameron forces through her legacy of forcing more and more people into poverty and misery.  Today they attacked disability benefits – no one will notice since Thatcher’s death has taken over the news.

Thatcher ain’t no sister and really in her case it is not bad manners to speak ill of the dead it would be disingeniousto say you were sorry. So do I care if Thatcher is dead, not not really but I leave you with Elvis Costello singing Tramp the Dirt Down


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